Infrastructure Centers and Research Equipment in the Technion Campus

The Technion campus possesses several infrastructure centers and also research equipment in faculties other than these centers.

The Technion supports and encourage all Technion members, other Israeli Academies as well as the public (I.E. industries) to use and to take advantage of this high valued equipment.

To help you find the proper instrument and center for your experiments, here enclosed are two lists:
1. Research equipment sorted by type of instrument.
2. Infrastructure centers sorted according to centers and faculties.

Each list will lead you to the site where you can find full details concerning the relevant instrument; its location; ordering; prices etc.

We hope you will find this information useful and wish you exciting results!

Research Equipment

Light Microscopy Inverted / upright Light microscopy
1. (LS & E)
2. (Medicine)
3. (Materials Eng.)
Fluorescent light microscopy
1. (LS & E)
2. (Medicine)
Confocal laser scanning microscopy
1. (LS & E)
2. (Medicine)
Fluorescent light stereoscope 1. (Medicine)
Live Time-lapse microscopy
1. (LS & E)
2. (Medicine)
Image analysis and processing support 4D analysis software Bitplane IMARIS image J, Image Pro, Zen, LSM (Medicine)
Whole animal ImagingFluorescent & luminescent

High resolution I ultrasound

MRI 1T M2 high performance platform (Medicine)
Whole animal Ultrasound (Medicine)
Electron MicroscopySEM (+ with EDS, WDS and EBSD) (Materials Eng.)
Cryo-SEM (Chemical Eng.)
Dual beam FIB (Materials Eng.)
S/TEM (+EDS, EELS) (Materials Eng.)
TEM (Materials Eng.)
Cryo-TEM (Chemical Eng.)
Scanning Probe Microscopy AFM
1. (Materials Eng.)
2. (Solid State Ins. Physics)
BioAFM 1.
2. ( Biotech.)
SAM (Scanning Auger Microscopy) (Solid State Ins. Physics)
Flow Cytometry FACS Calibur (2 lasers)
BD LSR - II (4 lasers)
BD FACS Aria -II - sorter
1. (LS & E)
FACS Calibur (2 lasers)
CyAn ADP (3 lasers)
BD FACS Aria - sorter
2. (Medicine)

Illumine HiScan

Roche NimbleGen (Medicine)
Automated Electrophoresis BioRad Experion (Medicine)
Real-Time PCR

Corbett Rotor Gene ABI 7000 (Medicine)
 Sequencing and Genotyping High Throughput Sequencing Unit
ABI 3130xI Genetic Analyzer
1. (LS & E)
2. (Medicine)
Spectroscopy/SpectrometryMass Spectroscopy (Chemistry)
Micro Raman Spectroscopy (Solid State Ins. Physics)
XPS X ray Photoelectron Spectrometry (Solid State Ins. Physics)
SIMS Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (Solid State Ins. Physics)
TOF SIMS Time of Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (Ion ToF TOF SIMS V) (Solid State Ins. Physics)
X-rayHR XRD High Resolution
X-ray Diffraction (Solid State Ins. Physics)
X-ray Diffractometer (Material Eng.)
Solid Identification by X-ray (Physics)
Small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) (Chemical Eng.)
NMRNMR computer cluster (Chemistry)

Bioinformatics Knowledge Unit (BKU) (Biology)
Proteomics OrbiTrap (Biology)
Q TOF Premier (Biology)
Maldi ToF ToF (Biology)
Micro Nano Fabrication UnitClean rooms facility
Nanomaterial Based DevicesProbe Station
 Kelvin Probe
OtherLaser Light Scattering
Laser Microdissection1. (Biomedical Eng.)
2. (Medicine)
Optical Tweezers (RBNI) (Biomedical Eng.)
Spectrofluorometer (Chem. Eng. + Biotech)
Solar simulator (Material Eng.)
Fermentors (Biotech. & Food Eng.)
Microcalorimetry (ITC & DSC) (Biotech. & Food Eng.)
Fluorescence microplate reader- FLUOstar galaxy (Medicine)
Microplate spectrophotometer reader- Zenyth 200 (Medicine)
UV-Vis Spectrophotometer- Nano Drop (Medicine)
Lyofilizer- ALPHA 1-4 (Medicine)
Sonicator- Vibra-Cell VCX 750 (Medicine)
Controlled Rate Freezing System (Medicine)
High-speed refrigerated centrifuge - RC-5C (Medicine)
Incubator - Innova 4335 (Medicine)
Phosphor Imager - FLA2000 (Medicine)
Bio-safety virus room (Medicine)
Low-speed refrigerated centrifuge -RC-3C Plus (Medicine)
Micro-Ultracentrifuge - RC-M150 (Medicine)
Ultracentrifuge - WX90 (Medicine)
Ultracentrifuge - Combi (Medicine)