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  Missing hebrew name for : מרפאת קופ"ח הכללית
  Missing hebrew name for : בריכה
  Missing hebrew name for : מכלול
  Missing hebrew name for : איסת"א
  Missing hebrew name for : בנק לאומי - סניף הטכניון
  Missing hebrew name for : מעון הילדים
  Missing hebrew name for : מרפאת שיניים
  Missing hebrew name for : סוכנות רשות הדואר
  Missing hebrew name for : חדר הכושר
  Missing hebrew name for : ארגון הסגל האקדמי
Missing hebrew name for : ארגון הגמלאים
  Missing hebrew name for : אס"ט – אגודת הסטודנטים בטכניון
  Missing hebrew name for : פר"ח
  Accounting Technion
  Agriculture Engineering Research Center
  Asher Institute for Space Research
  Budget Division
  Business Development Unit
  Center for Pre-University Studies
  Center for Promotion of Teaching
  Central Chemical Stores
  Computer Department
  Continuing Education & External Studies
  Danciger Laboratories
  Department of Finance & Economics
Department of Human Resources
  Department of Humanities & Arts
Department of Materials Science & eng
  Deputy Director of Operations
  Development & Maintenance Division
  Division of Computing & Information Sys
  Division of Human Resources
  Division of Investmants & Assets
  Elyachar Central Library
  Engineers Union
  External Studies & Continuing Education
Faculty of Aerospace Engineering
Faculty of Architecture & Town Planning
Faculty of Biology
Faculty of Chemical Engineering
Faculty of Chemistry
Faculty of Civil and Environmental Eng
Faculty of Computer Science
  Faculty of Education in Science & Tech
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Faculty of Food Engineering and Biotech
Faculty of Industrial Eng & Management
Faculty of Mathematics
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Faculty of Medicine
Faculty of Physics
Faculy of Biomedical Engineering
  Finance Division
  Friends of Technion - Israel
  Graduate School
  Guangdong Technionl Institute of Tech
  Israel Institute of Metals
  Liaison Office to the European Comm
  Lokey Center for Life Sciences & Eng
  Mail Unit
  Malam Management
  Marketing Department
  Motor Vihicle Unit
  National Building Research Institute
  National Building Research Institute
  Office of the Controller
  Office of the Dean of Students
  Office of the Dean of Students
  Office of the Director General
  Office of the President
  Office of the Senior Vice President
  Office of the Vp for Research
  Ohel Aharon Synagogue
  Pre-Clinical Research Authority
  Print Unit
  Public Affairs & Resource Development
Purchasing Department
  Rappaport Institute
  Reaserch Authority Head Office
  Registration & Admissions Center
  Safety Unit
  Samuel Neaman Institute
Security Unit
  Solid State Institute
  Student Dormitories
  Technical Engineers Union
  Technion Alunmi Organization
  Technion International School
  Technion Symphony and Choir
  Tenders & Logistics
  The Russell Berrie Nanotech Institute
  Transportation Research Institute
  Ullmann Center
  Undergraduate Studies
  Vice President for Academic Affairs
  Vice President for Strategic Projects
  Vice Provost for Academic Development
  Vp for Rd & External Relations
  Workers Union
  מרכז המחקר לאבטחת סייבר